Build Your Own DCF Model in Excel Self-Paced 2020
Start Date & Time:
January 1, 2020 : 12:00 AM CT
End Date & Time:
March 31, 2021 : 11:59 PM CT
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Build Your Own DCF Model in Excel

There are some deals where you need more than the standard discounted cash flow analyses spreadsheet to properly perform your valuation. Learn how to create a custom Excel-based DCF model for a simple yet comprehensive five-year analysis of both before-tax and after-tax analysis and analytics.

The custom model calculates investment measures including:

  • Cash-on-cash
  • Break-even occupancy
  • Internal rate of return
  • Net present value
  • Investment value
  • Modified internal rate of return

You’ll also be able to perform sensitivity on several variables, including vacancy, rent growth, and expenses. This model affords complete transparency and flexibility for your day-to-day use –you build it and can edit as needed to fit the specific needs of the situation. You create it, you master it, and you own it. Unlocked and completed spreadsheets will be provided to each participant.

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